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You hereby agree to comply with the Additional Policies and  your obligations there under at all times. You hereby  acknowledge and agree that if you fail to adhere to any of the  terms and conditions of this Agreement or documents  referenced herein, including the Account Policies, membership  eligibility criteria or Additional Policies, we, in our sole  discretion, may terminate your Account at any time without  prior notice to you as well as initiate appropriate legal  proceedings, if necessary. 


Why choose us to sell your product?  

We at Indiavorks, provide you a platform to sell and promote  your products online across the country. We do not charge you  for providing this service. We support and promote artisans  from several socio-economic backgrounds and from various  regions of our country.  

You choose us because we do not charge you at any step for  selling your products on our website. We provide you new  product/service ideas to enhance your variety of products/ services, we market your products/services on all social media  platforms, OTT platforms and on other electronic, non electronic media. 

Come join us at Indiavorks, be part of our Indiavorks family and  sell your product with your name, help us promote your skill  worldwide. 

What is the registration procedure?  


It is an easy process. You can register yourself as a seller/ manufacturer on our website by filling up the prescribed form,  wherein, you will be asked to provide us some basic  information, following that our team will contact you for further  reference.


What is the registration fees at Indiavorks?  


It is free of cost. Register with us for free, we do not charge you  to sell our products/services through our platform. 

Will I be charged to sell my products through your website? 

NO. You shall sell your products on our website for free. We do  not charge you to upload your product/services on our  website, from your registration till selling your products on our  website we do not ask for any charges/payments from your  end. 

What are the terms and conditions that apply to seller/ manufacturer?  


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions stated above (General  & membership terms). 

One most important and only specific condition we put forth for  you is you as a seller/manufacturer/artisan cannot and may not  sell the products that you sell through our website at a lower  price at any other online platform. 

What other benefits do I attain at Indiavorks? 

We respect and appreciate artisans, your art and skill and  therefore at Indiavorks, we also promote the artist behind the  creation, we sell your products on our website with adequate  reference to its creator’s name, photograph and a short  description about the creator of the product. 

We provide you with more and new ideas based on customer’s  demand. 

Who is an Affiliate at Indiavorks and how can I become an  Indiavorks Affiliate?  


Please refer to [ OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM ] 



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